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Ai Photo Editing Prompts

couple sitting on stair

Prompt For This ImageπŸ‘‡

“a black formal shirt and white pant is sitting on the steps with name “ANIL writen on shirt,he applying white flowers garland a girl’s hair into a bun. Girl wearing black sari and black net blouse with name “KHUSHBU” written on saree,and has a calm, focused expression. steel reling and same trees, They look gorgeous, beautiful,indian, pretty, 4k ultra quality photos.”

police man couple image

Prompt For This ImageπŸ‘‡

“a real 18 year old indian boy is wearing Indian DSP police uniform in his house and, he is standing near his beautiful wife,his wife wearing a pink and blue saree with name “Priya” written on saree,and boy has a police baton in his hand and his name “ANIL” is written on his uniform, they is looking so beautiful, Indian, smiling, happy., High quality 32k pictures, slow blurring background.”

couple in front of dam

Prompt For This ImageπŸ‘‡

real 16 Year old cute boy and 16 year beautifull girl hug in chest to chest and take a selfie with I phone 15 ,in hug with boy wearing white shirt with name “ANIL” and girl wearing navy colour hot top and jeans with name “PUJA” write on it. In the beautiful hill. they are looking so Pretty, cute, indian, smiling, stylish hear. in back their are a water fall with green real natural beauty,and morning view,High quality 32k pictures, full Blaring background.

couplein sunlight

Prompt For This ImageπŸ‘‡

A 18 year old Indian cute couple walking on the road in a city ,city board Bareilly on road both are protecting him face from sun light with one hand, boy is wearing a white tshirt with name “ANIL” written on it tshirt. and girl is wearing black kurti with name “KHUSBU” written on kurti,and covered her head with red scarf, with a water bottle,necklace, watch, sunglasses, sun on the sky, some other people also in background,they look their for water,high quality 4k image

couple making soil pot

Prompt For This ImageπŸ‘‡

Real image of a 22 years old Indian boy is making a pottery from clay and, a 20 year old indian girl is sitting next to him and watching, very beautiful scene, village, the boy is wearing a white tshirt with name “Anil” written on the shirt, and girl wearing a red and black kurti with name “Pooja” written on kurti clearly ,clay houses and thatched roofs, they looking, beautiful,smiling, Indian ,32K quality image ,name should visible clear and bold font

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