Top 5 Couple In Rain With Umbrella Photo Editing Prompt-2024

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Ai Photo Editing Prompts

couple in rain with umbrella

Prompt For This Image๐Ÿ‘‡

“20 years old healthy boy and girl walkingin very close, eyes to eyes contact, in very romantic mood,full blaring 4k road side background,with white umbrella hoding white dog, rain mood, raining.The boy wearing white hoodie, withname โ€œANILโ€ write on shirt, thegirl wearing white saree. girl hair is tiedand kept on one side shoulder.They are looking so cute, indian,smiling, simple look very happyromantic mood.”

couple in rain

Prompt For This Image๐Ÿ‘‡

“A real indian 16 year old cute boy hugging, with 16 years old cute girl body happy standing, holding pink umbrella haven raining a street, the boy is wearing pink hoodie clear written bold nam “ANIL”and girl wearing pink top and jeans, phone, girl looking at camera, watch, stylish hair, girl white shoes, background big road raining greentrees Wings plants fields, 16K Ultra A real old cute boy hugging, with o Quality Image.”

couple propose in rain

Prompt For This Image๐Ÿ‘‡

“A real indian 21 Year old cute boy proposing on with 16 year beautiful girl in red lehenga the road with an and a flower on, wearing a white shirt with name “ANIL” as girl name “KHUSBU write on it, after rain and no Boys, beautiful lonelypicture, pretty girl standing in the rais, so happypicture.profile pic, rainy weather, beautiful realisticphoto, ultra realistic picture, rainy day, verybeautifulphoto, hyperealistic photo, it is raining.”

couple wet in rain

Prompt For This Image๐Ÿ‘‡

“A smart 16 years old Couple getting on boy hirt, black lo and gir drenched in heavy rain,boy is wearing a blue t-shirt with name ANIL is clearly written on t-shirt, black lower, girl is wearing a black tshirt with name”Queen”, the background is market, full HD ultra quality image.”

couple in front of water fall

Prompt For This Image๐Ÿ‘‡

“A real 16 year old indian boy and indian girl are standing closely together. The boy is wearing a shirt with black pant, shoes, watch “ANIL” written in shirt and the girl wearing blue white woven silk saree “Anjali” written in saree they are looking at each other and smiling, sunglasses, stylish hair. The Background have a beautiful waterfall park full blaring green background 8k ultra quality images.”

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